Baby Bertie – 3 days old

I was delighted  to hear from Emma who was expecting a baby in early July.  She contact me to ask whether I could come over a few days after the birth to capture a few images of her little ones first days so when I finally got the call last week to say that she had had a little boy called Bertie I couldn’t wait to pop over and meet the little man.  I arrived to a very calm and peaceful house.  Emma looked relaxed and happy and baby Bertie was sleeping soundly.  I couldn’t believe how little he was – at just under 7 lbs he looked like an angel fast asleep, perfect features, lovely black hair and teeny weeny feet and hands.  So gorgeous……  He was a little star throughout the shoot and I think I may have even got a little smile at the end……..  I can’t wait to watch this little man grow he is adorable.

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