Taplow Family Shoot – The Allan Family

I was really excited to meet The Allan Family as I had heard so much about the boys in pervious conversations with their mum.  We had luckily picked a beautiful day and I met the family in Taplow, Bucks where I introduced myself to little Finn & Casey – they were full of excitement and eager to go on our walk together.  We spent a wonderful couple of hours together running through woods and long grasses and climbing trees – the boys were absolutely amazing – so much energy and so full of beans.  We had lots of giggles playing with the teddy shark I had brought – he made a wonderful play mate and kept us all on our toes!  They were such a sweet family and so close it was just adorable and I loved every minute of it.  It’s actually a little sad when the session finishes as I feel I have got to know everyone so well.  It was an afternoon to remember with lots of fun and laughter.


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