Romantic Picnic for Two

I was recently commissioned to produce a romantic image for a wedding present.  The brief was a romantic picnic for two and had to include an old vintage bike in a field….. gulp….was my first reaction – where am I going to find that…??   I spoke with an old neighbour who luckily had kept an old bike from 30 years ago – it was perfect.  I then contacted the lovely Christine who lent me some props and we headed over to an old orchard behind my house and set up the scene.   I think if you had been passing by the field you would think there were a couple of crazy ladies in the orchard as we tried to carry the vintage suitcases, china tea pot and cups, flowers, cushions, hamper blankets etc over the fence and across the field – how we managed to get the bike over I have no idea but where theres a will theres a way – anything for Art….!!!  It all looked so pretty it was a shame we had to pack it all away but I hope you enjoy some of the romance in these images – you may need to view holding a glass of champagne.  My client was thrilled with the finished print.

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