Bath Wedding – Martin & Phiippa’s wedding – 22nd September 2012

I met up with Martin & Philippa at their gorgeous home in Bath to discuss their wedding plans. It was to be a day filled with happiness and joy and for Philippa a special family reunion as her brother who lives in Asia was coming back especially for the wedding and she would be meeting her new little nephew for the first time…..Martin & Philippa wanted a very relaxed day where they could express their love for each other with their close friends and family and for everyone to have a really wonderful time.

Philippa was having her make-up by Jo Priestley applied as I arrived and there was lots of excited commotion going on with her 3 little nieces busily getting their dresses on. Philippa’s brother, his wife and their little 10 month old son had also arrived along with her mum and dad. It was a beautiful sunny day and we took the opportunity to take some photos in the garden of the little ones before Philippa stepped into her beautiful dress. She was so happy and just beamed from ear to ear.

I headed off to Bath Town Hall where I met Martin and his Best Man before he headed in to meet with the Registrar. All the guest were waiting in anticipation inside. Philippa arrived with her father and met Martin on the steps of the Town Hall and he was clearly holding back the emotion. They decided to surprise their guests by entering the room together. Philippa’s brother did the first reading and a close friend did a second reading before Martin’s eldest daughter sang a gorgeous solo which had the whole congragation in tears.

After the service the guests headed to the beautiful Bathwick Boatman Restaurant situated 10 minutes from Bath centre on the River Avon. It is a really gorgeous family run restaurant with beautiful views up and down the river. After a few informal photographs Martin & Philippa arrived at the venue to cheers and applause. The champagne was flowing and a jazz band were playing – the tables looked so pretty and the cake was stunning.

Just before they sat down for their wedding breakfast one of their friends daughters surprised the Martin & Philippa by singing an accustic Adele song “make you feel my love”….. she sang like an angel and had most of the guests in tear and I have to say it actually brought a tear to my eye as she sang it so beautifully.

After the food the speeches – Philippa’s dad took to the stage and gave a very sweet speech about Philippa and Martin, then Martin stood up and gave a very heartfelt speech mixed with lots of funny stories and his Best Man again delivered a very lovely and funny speech which set the Bride & Groom off again.  It was a day filled with so much emotion and love for this couple and was an absolute please to be part of such a special day.

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