Marissa & Ed’s Engagement Shoot – May 2013

Marissa used to work in the Montisorri nursery my children used to go to in Windsor and she was the most adorable teacher you could wish your children to have when they first start those school years – she makes everyone feel so welcome, relaxed and happy as her sunny personality radiates and she just makes you smile.  I was thrilled to hear from her last year for the first time since my children had left and was delighted to hear she was getting married  to Ed and that she would love me to be her photographer…..I was truly touched and honoured to be asked.  Fast forward a few months and we set a date for their engagement shoot.  Marissa loves Bluebells and so asked if I could find a bluebell wood for their shoot. I decided to take them to a gorgeous little wooded area I had know as a child and visited many time in a village called Hedgeley in Buckinghamshire.  We all met one morning and headed off on a little walk.   I had been a couple of weeks earlier but due to the terrible rain we had over the last few months the bluebells were not fully out and so I had my fingers crossed that the dry smell from the last few days had managed to help the bluebells come into full bloom.  We headed up the path and passed the beautiful Church at the top and then in further into the woods behind the church.  We were chatting about their plans for their big day and how they were feeling when we turned the corner and in front of us was a blanket os bluebells – it was just a see of blue…….Marissa was so excited and I was pretty blown away as it looked so pretty and magical.  Ed is a music teacher and so had brought along his guitar as they often go for picnics and he brings this along with him on their days out together.  I thought it was extremely cute and so I took a few photos of them with the guitar and then some amongst the stunning bluebells before heading out into the fields.  I am so glad I had this chance with Marissa and Ed to see them relaxed and excited about their forthcoming wedding and I am now so excited about their wedding in September – it will be the most wonderful day……

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