Little Chalfont Family Shoot – Mair & William

Juliet contacted me to discuss taking some images of her 3 year old daughter called Mair and her 3 year old nephew William.  They were extremely close and she wanted to capture some fun and candid images of them playing and just being little.  Juliet said she had been meaning to do this for sometime and like a lot of things it can get lost on the to-do-list and she wanted to get it booked in otherwise she was worried she would have missed this little window.  We discussed the shoot session and Juliet said she would like some of Mair & William playing in the woods and then to head over to the stables to have some photos of Mair with her horse.  I was a little nervous but really excited to see how this would pan out – working with little ones and animals would certainly be a challenge…..  I met up with everyone in the car park of the woods near Little Chalfont, Bucks – Mair was very bouncy and chatty while William was initially a little nervous but soon overcame his shyness and they were soon both jumping around so we headed off on an adventure giggling and darting all over the woods.  Mair & William were so sweet together like little kindred spirits running around the woods playing happily in the autumn sunshine.  Before it got too late we all headed back to the car and drove over to the stables where I got to meet their beautiful black beauty called Jester….What a gorgeous and calm horse – Juliet has such an affinity with horses it was lovely to watch her gracefully guide Jester over to Mair and see how they all interacted so lovingly.  I took a few more shots of the children playing around the grounds of the stables before the sun started to set.  It was a really magical afternoon and I am thrilled I managed to capture such sweet moments of the two little ones together at such a cute age…

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